Color Consulting

Color Consulting

You know you need to get the house painted and it’s long overdue - but what color?  

There are so many choices, it feels overwhelming. 

Which store should I go to, what's the difference between matte and flat, how much paint do I need anyway? 

Our Color Consultant will come and meet with you in your home at your convenience, and bring every color swatch there is! Based on your home's decor and your personal tastes, we'll find the perfect hue and shade that tie your design elements together, giving you a truly cohesive color palette.  We can even order larger samples free of charge and have them sent to you.  But the best is yet to come, we offer this service (normally billed at $100 per hour) FREE to clients who book projects with us!


What could be simpler?  
Call and schedule a free no obligation estimate today.

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