How We Work

How We Work

Planning, Process, Production, Results

Colorful Remedies has developed a very specific business process to ensure our clients always receive the best quality work and reliable service they expect on every project, every time.  Every job we handle no matter how big or small goes through the same Planning, Process, and Production process to ensure we always provide our Customers with results they desire and expect.


All projects start with an idea, need, or desire. Once a Customer contacts Colorful Remedies regarding a project, the estimating and planning process begins. In almost all cases an onsite project review is scheduled with a client to gain a thorough understanding of their expectations and the project details. If additional information or assistance from subcontractors is needed for the project, Colorful Remedies will work on our Customers’ behalf to obtain all information required to provide a comprehensive project proposal. Several pre-project planning meetings may be necessary to determine all details and make all necessary pre-project decisions for large complex projects.  Thorough and detailed planning lead to well-run projects that stay on budget and schedule so our clients have an enjoyable experience while working with Colorful Remedies.


Colorful Remedies has developed very distinct operating procedures as to how we work so our Customers can be confident they will receive the same quality and service from every member of our team.  In addition, our processes are continuously updated to keep pace with industry changes, new products, innovative equipment, and industry regulations.  Colorful Remedies also constantly analyzes our processes to identify needed adjustments that will further enhance the quality craftsmanship, service, and pricing our Customers receive when working with Colorful Remedies. 


Proper planning and standardized processes set up the production phase of the project. The production phase is where the actual work is completed and ideas come to fruition.  Colorful Remedies’ well trained, experienced specialists take exceptional pride in exceeding our Customers’ expectations and project ideas. The Colorful Remedies Team combines work ethic, focus, dedication, and passion to ensure we produce the expected results that are agreed upon with our clients during the planning phase of the project. Project timeframes can be months or as short as a few hours depending on the scope of work.   Careful attention to production schedules for larger projects that require many different phases of work and coordination with subcontractors is particularly important.


All the planning processes and hard work are for naught if quality desirable results are not achieved.  Colorful Remedies’ work is an ideal example of the passion and attention to detail we put into every project.   We never consider our work complete until our Customers provides their approval of the final product.   We also stand by our Colorful Remedies Commitment and Warranty so our Customers have the reassurance we will return to address issues they might have related to our work.  Homeowners can be consumed and at times stressed with all the time, decisions, inconveniences, and money that go into home renovation projects.  Colorful Remedies makes the final juice worth the squeeze because the finished results of our work far outweigh the hassles of taking on the project.  Colorful Remedies is a results-driven business that works to achieve consistent high quality work through standardized processes and thorough planning to achieve exceptional results.

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